Lake Havasu has grown to be one of the southwests best kept secrets and has steadily been growing since 1963 when it was first determined the area represented great opportunity.

The city was given birth to by one of businesses and boating’s great visionaries, Robert McCulloch the owner of McCulloch Motors. In was during a flight over Arizona in 1963 looking for a place to test his outboard motors that a unique section of land called out to him as an excellent place to build a community.

It was through partnership with C.V. Wood an accomplished developer who’s successes included the design of Disneyland, a sophisticated strategy was put together to grow Lake Havasu into the thriving community it is today.

Mr. Wood and Mr. McCulloch devised a genius plan to create an airport and bring people from colder climates to the burgeoning city by plane to see a more comfortable way of life. In 1978 they had generated enough support for the city to incorporate at which point in sprawled out over 16,500 acres.

As Wood and McCulloch formulated their plan for continuing to attract interested buyers to the community, Lake Havasu become home to some very unique projects. The most notable of which might be the transplanting of the London Bridge.

The two partners knew their new community needed reasons for people to venture into the Arizona desert and see what Lake Havasu had to offer and the London Bridge was an excellent addition to achieve just that.

The bridge having survived some challenging years in Europe was in desperate need of replacement but due to it’s history became a unique and treasured symbol. One that after an investment of $2,460,000 and an incredible logistical challenge of disassembling, shipping and reassembling made possible and allowed for the London Bridge to call Lake Havasu home.

Lake Havasu is currently home to just over 52,000 people. With all the modern conveniences one would expect yet a laid back pace that attracts 1.5 million tourists a year, Lake Havasu is truly a must see in the southwest United States.

The city sits at an elevation of 735 ft. above see level. With winters that don’t dip below freezing and hot summers, Lake Havasu has become a preferred destination for those looking for beauty and comfort.

If you’re new to Lake Havasu or a long time member of our community, we appreciate your support and wish us all many more years of continued and fulfilling, lake life. 🙂