Lake Havasu has truly grown into a boating mecca. With tons of events, beautiful scenery and history Lake Havasu has a ton to offer when it comes to choosing where you want to spend your weekend on the water.

With the increasing popularity of Lake Havasu, our community has seen growth in many areas with business popping up and blossoming all around us.

Once sector of the market that has been effected more than most is the boat repair and service community. With credible entities, quick buck artists and everyone in between flooding the market looking for their piece of the pie, finding credible, affordable and reliable boat repair and service has become an increasingly daunting task.

There’s a few things we ask people to consider when evaluating options:

  1. How many years of experience do the technicians have? – Along with Lake Havasu’s growth, interest in boating has increased leading to new manufactures, models and features. Finding someone with the experience and familiarity to fluently work on all of these different options and combinations will be critical to a job reliably done.
  2. Is the shop and it’s techs certified with major manufactures? – With things changing quickly only the most committed shops will maintain what can be rigorous requirements to keep their certifications in good standing. Manufactures place tremendous importance on the competence of those they certify so consumers like yourself can have confidence your boat repair or service will be done properly and to the book leading the best possible outcome.
  3. Does the shop stand by their work? – The warranties and policies supporting repair and service work can be a telling sign of a businesses belief in themselves. Credible entities like Havasu Marine Specialties stand behind their work and it is clearly reflected in our policies. Others offer limited to no protection to consumers which may consider to be a red flag. Do they know what they’re doing? Do they use manufacture approved replacement parts of inexpensive knockoffs? If something goes wrong leading to greater expenses will they even be there when I return to rectify the situation?

The boating lifestyle is of the best ways to live there is. Being able to enjoy without headaches and unnecessary expenses will be paramount to experiencing the boat life to it’s fullest.

Even though we pride ourselves in the most competitive turnaround times and pricing in Lake Havasu this is definitely a “Get what you pay for” type of industry. If something sounds too good to be true, it’s likely because it is.

If you’re exploring the boat repair and service options available here in Lake Havasu, we welcome your contact anytime, would love to get to know you and serve you for many years to come.

Call or email anytime!